General Questions:

When and where are the sessions offered?  All of our lessons are held at Raceway Park, in Englishtown, NJ.  Our 1.5 hour dirt bike rental sessions start in an open area utilizing comes to get the rider acclimated to the bike.  Once comfortable handling the bike, we proceed onto the track for a little entry level "track action"!  These lessons are only offered on Mondays.  Our 3 hour motocross lessons are held on the Raceway Park motocross track, also on Mondays.  Our season typically runs March thru the end of November.  However, with good weather, we often extend the season or begin it early.  Check our Schedule page to find out when our sessions are available.  

How do I register? We always recommend registering through our secure, online registration system to guarantee you get the session you want.  The system is “Live” meaning, what you see is truly what is available.  If you see a date/time but don’t register for it right away, it may not be available later since someone else can register for the spot at any time.  

Who teaches or hosts my event?  You can learn more by visiting our “About Us” page.  But have no fear, you will be in good hands.  Motovation’s owner has been offering instruction since 1993 and has hand picked his instructor’s making sure they represent Motovation to the standard we are used to.  

What do I need to bring? For those who own their equipment, just plan on another day of riding.  For those renting, you simply need to provide long pants, a long sleeved shirt, and FOOT WEAR WITH ANKLE SUPPORT!  (Ex- Work boots or hiking boots.  Worst case, high top sneakers.)  We will provide helmets, goggles, gloves, chest protectors, elbow pads, and knee pads as needed.  In addition, we always recommend bringing drinks and some snacks.

What are the costs associated with the ATV Rentals and Dirt Bike Lessons?  For ATV rentals, visit for the details.  To see our pricing structure, please visit our "Pricing" page to get the latest pricing.  HINT- If you would like to receive special offers and future discounts, be sure to like our Facebook pages at and 

Motocross Lesson Questions:

– What should I expect and what will I learn?  The beauty of the private lesson is that we can cater the lesson to the students needs.  If you are looking to target a certain area, we can do so!  If you are just looking for an all round improvement, we can do so!  We have the track all to our self and simply pick and choose what we want to do.  We structure the lesson in such a way that we first explain the topic in detail and answer any questions you might have.  We then demonstrate what we just explained.  At this point the student has HEARD how it should be done, has SEEN how it should be done, and then it’s their turn!  We will provide personalized feedback to ensure the students grasps whatever concept it is that we have worked on.  A proven formula that has worked time and time again.  FYI- Motovation’s owner is a NJ State Certified Teacher who has created the system that works for all students alike!

Dirt Bike Rental Related Questions:

– Do I need prior experience?  No!  In fact, the majority of our rental lessons are with riders who have never ridden a dirt bike before in their life!  We will teach you from the ground up using our proven building block method and “crawl before you walk” theory to get you started in a safe environment and grow your skills at the student comfort level.

– Do you have a bike for me?  Yes!  We have every size dirt bike that Honda offers from 50cc to 230cc.  This means we can offer rentals to small/young riders starting at the age of 4 and go all the way through thru adult riders with or without experience.

– Can I rent a dirt bike without taking a lesson?  At this time, no.  We only offer our dirt bike rentals to those who need it to take a lesson.

What are the costs associated with the Dirt Bike Rentals & Lessons?  To see our pricing structure, please visit the "Prices" page to get the latest prices.