Welcome to the Motovation/RSR Racing Riding School.  We define fundamental aspects creating safety, longevity and results. Students will be instructed in body positioning, cornering, braking, jumping, throttle control, gear selection, line choices, and starting procedures. Other topics include decision making, the mental game, sponsor relations, bike setup, maintenance, fitness and nutrition overview. 

Students will first be taught the specific technique verbally.  Students will then be given a demonstration to see visually how it should be done.  And finally, students will then ride the various sections of the track and be given feedback specific to their needs.  We are patient and dedicated to giving our riders an everlasting experience filled with instruction and fun. 
No matter your age or riding ability, everyone can benefit from taking a motocross school!  Click the "Book Now" button to make your reservation today!

STUDENTS MUST PROVIDE BIKES/GEAR.                                                 SORRY, NO RENTALS FOR THIS EVENT.


Where- Raceway Park, Englishtown, NJ

When- Thursday, June 27th, from 9-5 pm

Cost- $250

Coaches have over 30 years of combined coaching experience!

For more information, please call:

Ronnie Stewart at 908-310-0901

Richard Schmidt at 732-608-6535