Polaris Phoenix 200- The BEST full sized ATV for the all round rider.  This ATV is perfect for riders 14 and up.  Light and nimble, powerful and fun, this ATV has a simple “Forward”, “Neutral”, or “Reverse” transmission along with the standard ATV  thumb throttle making it the perfect ATV to go have some fun on! 

Honda CRF 150F- This is the bike that’s a perfect fit for countless riders (teens or adults) who are looking for full-sized fun in a mid-size machine.

Polaris Outlaw 90- The PERFECT ATV for youth riders looking to get their feet wet with ATV riding.  This ATV is offered to riders from 10 years old and up who are completely new to the sport.  Automatic transmission, gas and go!

Honda CRF 80F- Perfect for riders age 8 and up who want to learn the basics while using a clutch & shifting gears…great bike for kids or beginner adults! 

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Motovation is proud to offer Dirt Bike Rentals in New Jersey!  Please note, however, our dirt bike Rentals are ONLY available while taking lessons.  (Visit our “Prices“ page to view current pricing.)  Motovation’s bike and gear rentals cater to riders who are looking to get involved with the sport but do not have a bike or gear of their own.  We offer every size Honda off road dirt bike, thus catering to riders of any size or ability level.  With regards to gear, we offer helmets, goggles, gloves, chest protector, elbow pads, and knee pads, leaving you only needing to provide long pants (ex- jeans), long shirt (ex- long T-shirt), and footwear with some ankle support (ex- work or hiking boot).  Leave the excuses at home…we have everything you need for an awesome day you won’t soon forget.

CRF 70F- Perfect for the 7-12 year old beginner who doesn’t know how to use the clutch and wants to get started in the sport of motocross. 

Honda CRF 230F- This is the bike for bigger riders (teens or adults/parents) who are looking for a bike that is as close to a full-sized bike without taking the big step…preferably for those with some riding experience. 

Honda CRF 100F- Perfect for riders age 10 and up who want to learn the basics while using a clutch & shifting gears…great bike for kids or beginner adults! 

Dirt Bike Rentals

CRF 50F- Perfect for the 4-10 year old beginners who are looking to get started in the sport of motocross.  We can even add training wheels!

This is the perfect way to learn the proper techniques of motocross and see if this is truly a sport that you want to invest in. Or, these are the perfect bikes for you to come enjoy the great outdoors and have some fun on an easy to ride dirt bike.  Call 732-608-6535 or email us if you have further questions.  Otherwise, you can schedule your lesson and bike rental directly through our Online Registration Page.